The BOOP Design Program

As first outlined in our July 19th Instagram post, we are looking for graphic designers to create one-of-a-kind BOOP themed graphics to be sold on our merchandise in The BOOP Shop in exchange for royalties on the products sold!
** Please note: we are not looking for designs that are overly similar to our current logo. **

To those of you who have submitted designs, please accept our sincerest apologies for our delay in responding - we underestimated the enormous creativity of the BOOP community, and the email system we were using proved extremely inadequate handling the large volume of amazing submissions we received.

To ensure that we are able to review and respond to future submissions in a timely manner, we ask that you submit your designs to the following new email address - (if you submitted a design previously and have not yet heard back from us, please resubmit via this new email address). Furthermore, we would like to outline the steps involved:

1.) Please send your Instagram handle, a sample of your prior design work, your BOOP vision and your desired royalty rate to

2.) Once we have reviewed your submission, we will reach out to you to discuss your concept and work towards finalizing the design.

3.) If your final design is chosen, we will send over the necessary IP Assignment and Royalty License agreement.

4.) We will work with you to optimize your design for different potential merchandise (e.g. hats, shirts, bags... there are a lot of options), spice up your product's description, send you product samples for your approval, and finally upload it our store!

We have always planned on donating a portion of our profits to animal rescue - so we decided to let each artist choose the organization! As we continue to release the designs, you will notice that most collections have different charities.