The Story of BOOP

In 2014, I started a company called Leash Yourself — a pet search engine combining animal adoption and pet services — with the help of my college roommate and close friends.

We wanted to find a way to boost our organic reach, so we decided the perfect solution was to create a spin-off media company. We knew we wanted to feature pet selfies and tossed out name ideas like Pelfie (pet + selfie) or Delfie (dog + selfie).

One day it dawned on us that double-tapping on Instagram to like a pet selfie would produce the effect of booping an animal's nose - since the heart that appears after liking a photo aligned perfectly on the nose! Just like that, Boop My Nose was born in 2015. (Much better than Pelfie or Delfie!)

We started by posting one Instagram per day, switching up our posts between submitted photos of dogs, cats and other animals. A year and 60k followers later, we upped the posts to 2 a day. Not long thereafter, we increased the posts to 3 and subsequently 4 times per day. It’s now been over 4 years since we began, and we have amassed over 1 million combined social media followers and had over 1 million submissions from our Instagram hashtag (#boopmynose) alone!

We so appreciate you joining us on this journey. We are looking forward to even more growth and excitement here at BOOP! Keep an eye out for future blog posts where we will be discussing everything from our favorite boops to growth-hacking tips for your social media accounts.

Much love,

BOOP Founder & CEO

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