Boop Donation Pledge

Ever since our inception, Boop My Nose has been committed to giving back to animal rescue.

A few years ago we launched our 'Boop Design Program' -- where we collaborated with artists to design and sell Boop-themed products. As part of the program, we donated a share of our profits to an animal rescue charity of the artist's choosing. Unfortunately, due to the on-demand manufacturing involved and associated margins, our profits were very minimal and we were not able to donate nearly as much as we had hoped.

With this said, we are thrilled to announce our next project  -- The Daily Boop 2023 Day-to-Day Calendar!

We have pledged to donate 100% of our profit share from calendar sales! (charities TBA at a later date)

We would also like to state we understand the carbon footprint associated with a daily calendar, and are in the process of looking at ways to become carbon neutral (perhaps through a planting tree partnership).

We look forward to even more charitable opportunities in the future!


Thanks for your continued support of the Boop community!