Why We Don't Use 'Boop The Snoot' or 'Booper Snoot'

Have you ever wondered why we would never say 'boop the snoot'?

For those unaware, a booper snoot has become synonymous to mean snout in 'Doggo' language — the internet lingo propelled by We Rate Dogs, Maya the Samoyed, Tucker Budzyn, Doggos being Doggos, Charlie the Golden and many more dog and pet social media accounts.

Well, the term actually wasn’t known to us until about a year after we launched Boop My Nose ®.

The first occurrence we have now been able to find for 'Boop the Snoot' is on Reddit. The official subreddit r/boopthesnoot was started a few months after us in October 2015 with the description "a subreddit for booping the snoot."

Boop The Snoot Reddit Description

On the official subreddit r/boop, it directs you to /boopthesnoot for solely animals, as the /boop page also contains people, objects and most surprisingly NSFW content.

Boop Reddit Description

Interestingly, the moderators of the /boop subreddit recently pinned a disclaimer to the top of the page stating "Boop is for boops, not for snoots!" - further attempting to clarify that they would like users to use the /boopthesnoot subreddit instead.

Boop Reddit Snoot

According to Urban Dictionary, the first activity of the phrase was in July 2016: 'boop the snoot'.

Boop the Snoot Urban Dictionary

We've also had numerous accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels use our exact media under the 'Boop the Snoot' name - all of which have fortunately now been removed.

Not to mention "snoots are considered a St. Louis delicacy" -- so although ‘Boop the Snoot’ may be catchy and fun, we’ve decided to stick to our original boop company name and avoid 'snoot' altogether!

Snoots are considered a food delicacy

Where was the first time you heard the term ‘Boop the Snoot’? Let us know below!


  • It’s a snout anyway not “snoot”

  • First time I heard boop the snoot was today in your post. I much prefer boop my nose.


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